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June 2024
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Considering an LED Message Center?
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Using an Electronic Message Center to reach the customers that are passing by you every day can be a very cost-effective advertising decision. When compared to other advertising mediums, message centers have a very low cost per impression and you control their content 24/7. Here are some guidelines to follow when considering an EMC:

  1. Viewing Distance - conduct a traffic survey to determine how long your sign will be visible. Based upon factors such as sign height and the speed limit, the required “pitch” of the display can be determined. Measured in millimeters, the smaller the number the closer together the LEDs are placed. Lower pitch numbers will produce higher resolution images, and will increase the cost.    

  2. Monochrome vs Color - depending upon the type of message you will display, a single color (red or amber) may be a good choice for conveying simple text-based messages. However, if you would prefer to display eye-catching photos of products or import custom graphics, then a color unit would be the best choice. A monochrome unit will be less expensive.

  3. City Code - some jurisdictions have placed severe restrictions on the usage of EMCs that control the size, length of message time, and operating hours. These restrictions will likely have an impact on your choice.

  4. Content - it is very important to keep updated information displayed on your message center. Think about promotions, specials, community events, and signing up to receive amber alerts. Most EMC software will allow you to schedule messages to appear at only certain dates and times, so you can develop your ideas in advance.

  5. Budget - getting options for both color and monochrome in different sizes will help to establish a good basis for you to compare against. Of course, the more attention your sign attracts the better your results will be. The Small Business Administration has determined revenue increases exceeding 75% for some users of EMCs !


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